For Patients

How does ' HeartTeam India ' help patients ?

'HeartTeam India' makes latest advancements in Cardiac therapies available across India.

'HeartTeam India' provides online consultation to patients in addition to advice from their own physicians and doctors.

Based on evaluation, the patients can get treated at any of the HeartTeam India approved hospitals across India by highly experienced doctors.

Patients can get treated closer to their preferred location of residence and still have access to latest treatments available to them.

Since the treatment is administered by experts who deal with complex cases routinely, the results are consistently the best in India.

What are the details required to give an opinion?

A list of patient’s clinical history and demographics including some blood test results will be collected. The entire echocardiogram video of the patient on a CD or uploaded onto the website as video files are required. For many cases, a gated cardiac CT scan and a CT aortogram is required. The Gated Cardiac CT scan should be from a CT scanner no less than a 64 slice CT scanner with data acquisition of 0.5mm slice thickness. The aortogram should cover cranially from the carotids and caudally to the common femoral bifurcation.

The entire CT data (Gated Cardiac CT scan and CT Aortogram) should be sent as a DVD or uploaded onto the website for analysis. The best format to upload all image data including echocardiogram and CT scan would be in Dicom format.

The best way to send all this information is online through our dedicated website which has an easy online uploading system which is quick and cost effective. For cases involving coronaries, the coronary angiogram files can be sent in the same way.

If one faces difficulty, they can contact the help line on the website who can guide through the process.

How does one contact 'HeartTeam India'?