Why HeartTeam India ?

Cardiac therapy world-wide is evolving rapidly and innovation is improving the lives of patients with minimally invasive and hybrid surgical procedures. Adoption of such treatments in India happens very slowly and availability of expertise is limited to a few big hospitals and in a few major cities.

With HeartTeam India, the best expertise is available on-demand through a convenient online platform.

Latest News

TAVR World Tour - 2020

The Heart Valve Centre - a unit of HeartTeam India, envisioned and lead the TAVR world tour 2020 on 19th September 2020, World heart day, in which 20 TAVR procedures were performed in synchrony by 20 different experts from around the world and the event was streamed live. This was the first event of its kind in the world and bagged a place in the Guinness book of world records

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TAVR World Tour - 2020 bags a Guinness record

The TAVR world tour organised by The Heart Valve Centre was the first event of its kind in the world and bagged a place in the Guinness book of world records.

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Sophisticated heart device lends 18-year old boy new lease of life

Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (S-ICD) was implanted under the skin of an 18 year old who was diagnosed with arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), a life threatening condition

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For Hospitals

Complex and advanced cardiovascular hybrid therapies requires highly specialised teams and it may not be cost-effective for a hospital to hire such expertise on a full-time basis.

Availing HeartTeam India’s services on-demand and on a case-by-case basis allows cost effective, consistent and safe delivery of treatment in the same hospital.

Outcomes are consistently the best in the country as the treatment is delivered by high volume and highly specialised teams with the maximum experience in India

For Physicians & Clinicians

Physicians/Surgeons can get one to one help from an accredited and experienced HeartTeam India specialist.

The patient continues to be under the care of the referring physician before the treatment, through-out the treatment process and after the treatment thereby maintaining continuity of care and maintaining patient confidence on their regular physician/surgeon.

They can also opt to be trained towards becoming an independent operator. Post-training they will also get an opportunity of enrolling themselves as a specialist within HeartTeam India.

Our specialists

World-wide evidence has shown that outcomes from cutting edge treatments are directly related to the expertise of a large team of highly trained super-specialists and this team is referred to as Heart Team.

Our specialists have the maximum experience in delivering TAVR cases in India and outcomes are consistent.

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Our Clients

Hiring our specialists, on an on demand basis helps hospitals avoid the overheads of maintaining a permanent team of specialists and yet bring superior treatments to patients under their care

Moreover hospitals can choose to have their own operators trained with our specialists

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Our Services

  • Trans-catheter Aortic valve replacement
  • Percutaneous pulmonary valve implant
  • Mitral valve in valve implant
  • Trans-catheter Mitral valve ..
  • Trans-catheter Tricuspid valve ..
  • Valve in valve implants for pulmonary, mitral & tricuspid valves
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